Our profile

Credit Europe Bank NV provides support for clients who wish to invest in marine industry.

Client Profile:
Among our client portfolio there are ship-owners, ship operators or shipyards all over the world. We cooperate with both large owners as well as small owners. New buildings financed are mainly in Eastern Europe and the Far East.

Our Services

Financial Services:
Financial services are cash and non-cash loans including letter of credit and letter of guarantee type of tools. Refund guarantees are issued in favor of shipyards. Hedging tools are designed in line with the customer needs. Acting as a solution partner, we can create alternative financing methods in favor of our customers. All kinds of current account services are provided in a fast and accurate manner to the bank’s hundreds of marine clients from all over the world. Credit Europe Bank also offers E-Banking services to its clients which provide convenience to their banking transactions. As a solution partner, the bank generates alternative financing methods to suit its customers and build up long-term relationships.

Credit Europe Bank welcomes the opportunity to consider shipping projects from across Europe and beyond. Subject to pre-determined credit principles Credit Europe Bank will consider any shipping transaction, big or small, involving older vessels or new buildings, so long as the basic parameters of the credit policy are adhered to.

Credit Europe Bank’s target is to grow its marine finance portfolio in the forthcoming years with its dynamic & experienced team and solution oriented-tailor made approach. The new lines will be utilized mainly in ship building industry and second hand vessel financing, whereas other marine financing facilities will also be considered selectively.