Credit Europe Online Banking Safety Measures

What is the intention of the safety measures?
Credit Europe Bank is strongly committed to protecting your funds and confidential information. We strive to provide the most secure environment possible as we want you to be confident when accessing your financial information online. While we work to protect your banking privacy, you will also play an important role in protecting your accounts and personal information. Please take the following steps to ensure your account information is protected.

Why is it important that you adhere to these measures?
As you adhere to the security measures described below, you will significantly reduce the chance that you fall victim to fraudsters. The security measures ensure that your confidential transactions and personal information remain safe, secure and private.

1. Keep your security codes confidential.
2. Make sure your debit card is never used by another person.
3. Take care of properly secured equipment that you use for your banking transactions.
4. Check your bank account on a regular basis.
5. Please report incidents directly to Credit Europe Bank and follow the instructions of the bank.


  • Keep your security codes confidential.
    • Make sure that you never disclose your security codes to anyone else. Security codes are all codes that you need to use for electronic payments, internet and mobile banking, including the codes provided by a code calculator of your bank.
    • Security codes are only for yourself. You are not authorized to share them.
    • Do not write down or save the codes in any way. If absolutely necessary, save your codes in a form that is recognizable to you but nobody else, so it cannot be deciphered by others. Keep the encrypted information separate from your debit card or the device that you use to perform your banking affairs.
    • If you choose your own security code, make sure it is not easy to identify. Do not choose your year of birth, name of a family member or the post code of your home address.
    • Make sure that no one can observe you as you type in your security codes. Never share a security code by phone or email or in any other way. If someone calls you up on behalf of your bank and asks you to provide personal data, refrain from taking any action at all, for Credit Europe Bank will never ask you to provide this kind of information.
  • Ensure a proper protection of the equipment you use for your online banking.
    • Keep the device you use for online banking up-to-date with antivirus software, operating system patches, firewalls etc and ensure your browser is set to the highest level of security. Do not install unlicensed software.

    • Secure the device you use for controlling your banking affairs with an access code.

    • Ensure that the applications which are provided by the bank for use on the device you use for your banking affairs cannot be used by unauthorized persons.

    • Always log out when you have finished your banking sessions.

  • Check your bank account.
    • Check your statements and transaction history regularly, at least every two weeks, to ensure the accuracy of your accounts. Please inform Credit Europe Bank immediately if you encounter anything that does not seem right.

  • Please report incidents directly to the bank and act upon the instructions of the bank.


    Contact the bank immediately in any of the following cases occurs:

    • If your debit card is no longer in your possession or you do not know where it is.
    • If you know or suspect that someone else knows your security code or has used it.
    • If you see transactions on your bank account, which you did not authorize.
    • If you do not possess your mobile device with the payment application of the bank anymore, unless you have transferred this device to another person and the payment application has been removed prior to this transfer.

    Please immediately contact the bank when you notice something that you consider as strange or unusual, such as another way of logging in or an unusual access screen.

    The bank may block the banking application on your devices in order to prevent (further) damage. In that case, please follow the instructions of the bank. Please note that in any circumstances, the bank will never ask you for your security codes.