The Managing Board and all other staff of Credit Europe Bank N.V. including its branches, liaison offices and subsidiaries (hereinafter collectively ‘Credit Europe Bank’) endeavour to maintain a company culture and business strategy whereby Credit Europe Bank’s core values and standards of professional conduct are maintained at every business level and within all its activities. These standards include national, international and European legislation, regulations issued by the relevant local (supervisory) authorities, generally accepted business standards and Credit Europe Bank’s own internal regulations (including ethical standards) . Credit Europe Bank will not accept nor condone activities or behaviour that will or might in any way conflict with any of its core values and standards. As such, Credit Europe Bank is committed to fighting any fraudulent activity as well as fostering a culture in which corruption is never considered acceptable.

The Managing Board has adopted a Compliance Charter and validated several compliance policies on specific topics with the sole purpose of embedding the integrity principles of Credit Europe Bank in all levels and structures of its organization.

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