11.01.2012 11:46

Hector de Beaufort succeeds Maarten Hulshoff as Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Credit Europe Bank N.V. and Maarten Hulshoff announce that they decided that after 4 years, the position of Chairman of the bank’s Supervisory Board is handed over to Hector de Beaufort. Maarten Hulshoff’s resignation from the Supervisory Board is effective from 9 January 2012.

The Supervisory Board and the Managing Board of Credit Europe Bank N.V. express their deep appreciation for the leadership and dedication shown by Maarten Hulshoff during his 4-year term.

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More than three million customers around the world entrust their financial affairs to Credit Europe Bank.

The bank offers corporate customers a variety of products, focusing on international trade and commodity finance. Represented in key trading hubs such as The Netherlands, Malta, Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates as well as in raw material exporting and importing countries including Russia, Turkey and Ukraine, the bank is well positioned to finance its customers’ transaction flows across borders. It services retail and SME customers in nine European countries including Germany, Belgium, Malta, The Netherlands, Romania, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey and Ukraine.  The bank offers simple and transparent products and it has more than 1.5 million credit cards in circulation.


Credit Europe Bank N.V. is headquartered in The Netherlands and operates more than 225 branches with more than 6,000 employees in 11 countries. For more information, please visit www.crediteuropebank.com