05.12.2012 12:03

Credit Europe Bank sells its share participation in Fibabanka

Credit Europe Bank NV announces that it has completed the sale of its 97.6% shareholding in the Turkish bank Fibabanka AS after obtaining the approval of the supervisory banking authorities both in the Netherlands and Turkey. The shares are transferred to Fiba Holding AS, the ultimate shareholder of Credit Europe Bank NV.

Fibabanka AS (formerly: Millennium Bank) was acquired by Credit Europe Bank in December 2010 from Banco Comercial Portugues.

As result of the continuous changes in the market conditions as well as the regulatory environment, we re-assessed our strategy vis-à-vis our share participation in Fibabanka and we came to the conclusion that the expansion scenario of Fibabanka, built on the opportunities in the Turkish market, did not fit the consolidated one”, says Murat Basbay, CEO of Credit Europe Bank NV.

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