12.05.2011 17:21

Credit Europe Bank rebrands Turkish subsidiary as ‘Fibabanka’

Credit Europe Bank NV has rebranded its recently acquired Turkish subsidiary as ‘Fibabanka A.Ş.’ This new name is associated by Turkish customers to the highly reputable Fiba Holding, the parent company of Credit Europe Bank NV. Fibabanka provides retail banking and commercial banking services with 350 employees working in 20 branches in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa and Antalya. In April 2011 its total asset size reached approximately €725 million.

In December 2010, Fibabanka joined Credit Europe Bank’s international network that consists of more than 200 offices and 11,000 sales points in The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Malta, Russia, Romania, Switzerland, Ukraine and the United Arab Emirates as well as a representative office in China.

"We believe that Fibabanka brings a significant opportunity for Credit Europe Bank, adding a promising franchise to our global branch network. I am happy to see that Fibabanka has become profitable within three months after joining our bank and I am confident that Fibabanka will further expand by providing high quality banking products and exceptional personal service that effectively respond to the needs of customers”, says Murat Basbay, CEO of Credit Europe Bank NV.

About Credit Europe Bank NV
Credit Europe Bank NV is an international financial services group, ranked in the top 10 of Dutch commercial banks with more than 6’000 employees serving three million customers. The bank offers easy-to use retail banking and SME products as well as private banking through more than 200 branches and 11,000 sales points across nine European countries. It also offers trade finance and corporate banking services through its network in these countries, as well as in China and the United Arab Emirates.

For more information about Fibabanka, please visit www.fibabanka.com.tr