30.05.2016 10:34

Compliance with the Dutch Banking Code

As per 1 January 2015 the package of documents titled ‘Future Oriented Banking’ entered into effect. This package comprises of a Social Charter, (an updated) Banking Code and a Bankers’ Oath (with associated Rules of Conduct). The ‘Future Oriented Banking’ set of documents replaces the Banking Code.  In 2016 the Dutch banks will for the first time report on their compliance with the new Banking Code. In 2015 CEBNV has been reviewing all its internal rules, regulations and policies in order to align them with the new Banking Code/package of documents titled ’Future Oriented Banking’ and substantial time has been spent on creating awareness amongst its employees on the contents of the ‘Future Oriented Banking’ set of documents in general and the Bankers’ Oath with associated rules of conduct in particular. As per the end of 2015 all CEBNV’s current employees working in the Netherlands have taken the Bankers’ Oath/Affirmation. Each quarter a Banker’s Oath session will be held for new employees of CEB. Please find the full report on Credit Europe Bank’s application of the principles of the Dutch Banking Code during the financial year 2015 by clicking here.