Why Online Banking?

Using Online Banking will enable you to have the services you want at your fingertips.

You will enjoy the benefits of a bank that is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

What you can do?

Credit Europe Bank is constantly working to offer an enhanced range of services to its customers. You can currently make use of the following services with Direct Banking:

  • review account(s) and other related products
  • provide payment orders or other instructions with respect to the account(s)
  • print account movements (for outgoing transfers, including the abstract of the SWIFT message)
  • download forms
  • change passwords

Products coverage

  • Current Account Opening
  • Account Balance (Transaction) Observation
  • Forward Balance Observation
  • Account Details
  • Portfolio Observation
  • Company Limit Observation
  • Money Transfer Operations
    • Between own accounts
    • Transfer within Credit Europe Bank
    • Domestic and International Payments
    • Domestic and International Payments Cancellation
    • Domestic and International Payments Observation
    • Payment Template
  • Foreign Exchange Operations

How to register?

Follow these simple steps to use new Direct Banking:

  • Contact your Account Manager and request a "Direct Banking" application package.
  • Send original application forms by mail, which are signed by authorized person(s), back to Credit Europe Bank.
  • Upon receipt of these forms, Direct Banking will be activated.
  • After receiving your user code, password, token and token PIN, you can start using Direct Banking.