You are able to make payments via Direct Banking (internet banking). For this  service and other improvements to our service, the document 'General Terms and Conditions for Payment Services' (“Terms”) was amended. This page  provides you information on the amendments. Information on the new services can be provided to you separately. The amended Terms are applicable as of 11 October 2011.

The Terms are amended as follows (reference is made to the amended Terms):

• For additional services, the definition ‘Direct Banking’ (Article 1.1h) is amended and the definition ‘Payment Instrument’ is introduced (Article 1.1k). For the purpose of clarity, the definition ‘Authorized Representative’ (Article 1.1c) now refers to Article 5.2 on this matter;
• An account may only be used in the conduct of a business or profession. For clarity sake, especially if the account is held by a private person, this is added to Article 3.1c;
• With Direct Banking, a payment is initiated with a payment instrument. For this, Article 8 and 20.2 are introduced and Article 9, 10 and 11 amended;
• As a new service, a limit to the amount to be transferred from Accounts at Credit Europe can be set. For this Article 12.2 and 20.8 have been added;
• The execution time of payment orders in euro or in currencies of EEA member states is shortened with two working day (Article 14.1);
• Direct Banking may be used as one of the way to communicate. For this Article 17.2 is amended and 17.5 added; and
• Last, for clarity Article 21.4 has been amended.

Below you can download the amended Terms. Please inform your account manager if you would like to receive the amended terms by email or post.